Our Story

ACE Digital Solutions and Consultation is the merger product of two successful businesses, "ACE3DFX" and "HMIMAGE". The two started around the same time in 2009. While worked on several projects together, ACE3DFX began as a 3D and game design company, and HMIMAGE focused on software and web application development. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of serving the tech industry, by officially merging the two businesses. This allows us to provide many digital solutions for businesses in different industries.

Henry Leung
Partner & Developer

An experienced application developer specialized in building modern advanced modern multi device, synchronized and communicated applications. I can program in most of the languages. My goal is to develop interactive and useful apps using different mediums and languages to provide engaging and effective solutions.

Ram Shadmehr
Partner & Technical Artist

Experienced Technical Artist, 3D and Game enthusiast; Ram is specialized in cross-platform application design and development. Primary programming languages are Python, C# and JavaScript. He is also a 3D magician who brings life to 3D assets by developing tools and scripts inside Maya and Unreal Engine.

pooya nabei
Pooya Nabei
Professional Photographer

An award winning professional photographer for the Applied Arts Awards for Fashion from 2011 to 2013 in both photography and retouching. Pooya enjoys the full spectrum of photography, from planning large concepts, shooting them and then completing the delivered look with full compositing and retouching.

John Almazora
Web Developer & Marketing

John's background in Marketing & Advertising and a new found passion in web design makes a perfect combination of creativity in web design and content.

Dai Nguyen
Graphic & UI/Ux Designer

With the continuous desire for learning about the creative industry along with his endless passion for designing, Dai always puts his best effort in every project that he’s in and satisfies his customers with the quality of the final products.